December, 2012

Boxes, Bins, Baskets, Bonkers

Our mind’s eye naturally wants to compartmentalize. We have all seen photos of rooms with perfectly coordinated and organized storage and thought, “I wish my life looked like that.” There seems to be an ever evolving art to Read more →

“Un-Decorator” Fabrics

The rise of the craft studio fabrics in this country is an amazing trend. They produce original, one off, incredibly magical, bespoke goods that embody artistry and spirit. Our seemingly endless quest for Read more →

White Out

Love white and love-love that it has arrived in Utah and not in the form of snow. Layer it with texture and color it can be very warm. After having done many white kitchens and a few homes recently enveloped in white Read more →

Seeing Green

Maybe it was Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings or the small bespoke malachite box I saw in Rome. Emerald green was achieved in pigments and paintings by using ground malachite dating back to 4000 BC in ancient Egypt. Read more →

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