December, 2014

Entries , Foyers, Hallways and Stairs Oh My

What to do with entries, foyers, hallways and stairways? And what do they all have in common?

These areas are transitional spaces and lend incredible opportunities. For foyers and stairs I like to go for big impact with a statement light fixture, bold gesture rug, or compelling art piece. Make these areas dynamic and compelling. For hallways I like to create rhythm with art installations that run the length of the hall and expand the space. Photo galleries and salon style hangings are perfect and create a lot of energy and interest. Above all favoring a clean aesthetic and I pick of colors and subjects from the destination rooms and follow that thread throughout these transition areas. The designs below by K. Rocke Design.

Statement Custom Furniture with Rhythmic Fixtures

Statement Custom Furniture and Mirror

Photo 40 foot high custom light fixture in Park City home

Foyer to this space, Graphic, Simple but Impactful

Foyer with Statement Art Piece with Tom Dixon Chairs and Madeline Weinrib Fabric

Gallery Clothes-line Hanging Paintings

Antique Chandelier

Statement Rug and Photo Walls in Repeating Blue Lacquer Frames

Photography from William Waldron (1), Jerry Rabinowitz (1,5), Scot Zimmerman (2), Phillip Erikson (3,4), ), Jerry Rabinowitz (5), Scot Zimmerman (6), William Waldron (7,8)

Kristin Rocke established K. Rocke Design in 2004. Working coast to coast and internationally, K. Rocke Design is widely respected for residential and hospitality work.  Kristin has been named as New Trad top ten and has had projects featured in Utah Style and Design, Florida Design, Traditional Home,  Conde Nast, Editor-at-Large, Williams Sonoma blog, Tastemaker on OKL and airs a monthly interior design segment on KUTV Fresh Living.  Kristin received her B.A. degrees from the University of Utah and is National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certified.

Merry Winter, Happy White

Our long beautiful fall has given us the opportunity to wish for snow and just in time this season. At this point the halls have been decked or not as we slip into the holiday. And enjoy the beauty, togetherness and contentment Christmas brings.
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Kristin Rocke


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