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USD FA14 Cover 4x300 RGB



Ceramic Lighting

Ceramic lighting has an organic enveloping warmth. I have designed  a few pieces and have found many others who have embraced the material with incredible results. Once you have seen it, you will crave it.



LE Trulle by Edmondo Testasuzza


Kawa Pendant by Souda Photo by Courtney Reagor


Patrick Hartog

lesleyanton blossom

Leslie Anton

Pleat box Hande Akcayli Murat Kocyigit Mashallah

Pleat Box Hande Akcayli Murat Kocyigit Mashallah

scotchclub_blanco by mashallah2

Scotchclub Blanco by Mashallah


Go for the Gold

The SLC Olympics were incredible. I attended the opening ceremonies and many of the events. At the opening ceremonies I felt in sync with such a broad collective, participating in unison was a very profound experience. The state was celebrating and all of the party guests were interesting people.

In the spirit of the Olympics, and in support of the dedication and commitment the athletes,  I give you the gold.

133771051401222155Kuq3914Mcsource unknown

billy cotton chandelierBilly Cotton Chandelier

kelleycopelandpinterestKelley Copeland Pinterest

TheArt DirectorThe Art Director1st dibs EastEuropeBrassSconces6_l1st Dibs East Europe Brass Sconces


The After Spectacular

We took this great house to its fullest potential with amazing results. Here’s to great clients!





White Out

Love white and love-love that it has arrived in Utah and not in the form of snow. Layer it with texture and color it can be very warm. After having done many white kitchens and a few homes recently enveloped in white Read more →

Seeing Green

Maybe it was Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings or the small bespoke malachite box I saw in Rome. Emerald green was achieved in pigments and paintings by using ground malachite dating back to 4000 BC in ancient Egypt. Read more →

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