Furniture Fetish

There is a long list of movies with inspiring interiors but in 50 Shades of Grey the furniture stole the scenes. I found myself drooling over sconces and heart racing over sumptuous upholstery. Although the spare living area was better suited to a dance party, the individual pieces were stunning. I found my favorites from Koket design.

This dreamy upholstery is in Anastasia’s bedroom. A tease for the next movie might be to see this room redecorated. If there was ever an argument for reupholstery this is it. This piece by Koket is aptly named Desire.

It’s lounge chair counterpart shown in grey and silver.

The sconce that stole my breath is named Cloe.

The mirror is an edgy composition of points. Cheekily named Guilt.

And although it doesn’t appear in the film it should. I am smitten with the bands of steel in contrast finish and smoke glass. Koket titled the piece Intuition.


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