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Spring 2015

Pantone’s Color Forecast For Spring 2015 | Utah Style & Design

Although it feels like we’ve hardly had winter, spring has arrived heralding in a delightful spectrum of nature’s most optimistic colors and trends. We all want to refresh and revitalize ourselves and our environments.

The single best thing we can do for our interiors is bringing in fresh flowers or flowering plants. As designers we know that greens and florals hold a corner and breath fresh life into a space. But that isn’t the only way to refresh.

Pantone’s color forecast for Spring 2015 is En Plein Air with names like Green Tree Tops, Lavender and Scuba. Bringing the outdoors in has never been so easy.

I predict we will be seeing a lot of Dusk Blue on our horizons. And this quiet color can feel modern and edgy coupled with black or punches of darker more saturated colors.

K. Rocke Design



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Furniture Fetish

There is a long list of movies with inspiring interiors but in 50 Shades of Grey the furniture stole the scenes. I found myself drooling over sconces and heart racing over sumptuous upholstery. Although the spare living area was better suited to a dance party, the individual pieces were stunning. I found my favorites from Koket design.

This dreamy upholstery is in Anastasia’s bedroom. A tease for the next movie might be to see this room redecorated. If there was ever an argument for reupholstery this is it. This piece by Koket is aptly named Desire.

It’s lounge chair counterpart shown in grey and silver.

The sconce that stole my breath is named Cloe.

The mirror is an edgy composition of points. Cheekily named Guilt.

And although it doesn’t appear in the film it should. I am smitten with the bands of steel in contrast finish and smoke glass. Koket titled the piece Intuition.

Sofa Art Pairings

In the following images I selected art pairings for these sofas with the combined composition in mind. In this first selection a midcentury tailored sofa was relaxed by a salon-style or gallery wall hanging. The neutral sofa is fabulous to play against. It’s neutrality was invigorated by kick-ed up orange and complimentary blues and greens. It is further punched up the graphic qualities of Wendy Chidester’s Trike painting. The contemporary qualities of Michelle Condrat’s pixelated landscapes paired with Blake Luther’s more bucolic landscape show how easy it is to place differently styled pieces together. The change in subjects of each of the pieces, for instance a figure by Trent Call, still life, landscapes and an abstract, demonstrate how interest is created by diverse elements. And likewise they are also all framed differently.

The sofa does not match the paintings but the pillows pick up on some of the colors. This creates a thread of harmony throughout the arrangement. I like to start hanging with a cloth-line across the top and let them fall out along the bottom. Other great options would be to keep interior spacing consistent or to hang them edge to edge.

The sofas are from Crate & Barrel and all art work is available at 15th Street Gallery.

15th Street Gallery Artists curated by the auspicious direction of Lucy Heller. | Photo K Rocke Design

Sofas and pillows available at Crate & Barrel.

Local Utah artists include Trent Call – Woman in Kitchen, Wendy Chidester – Trike, Blake Luther – Landscape, Anne Wolfer – Still Lifes Bottles/Pears, Michelle Condrat – Contemporary Landscapes, Llyod Tabing – Abstract

Photo K Rocke Design

This arrangement doesn’t fall short of energy but has an embracing scale to it. I think the bigger the better. In the past the general sizing was approximately 36 by 48 but today that sizing doesn’t hold a room. Floating of furniture and modern shapes in a upholstery were largely brought about by the introduction of the abstract expressionist art movement. Sofas were secondary to a Jackson Pollack (or similarly scaled work) and being able to appreciate the entire piece. This abstract from Darryl Blaine Erdmann has engaging movement and is restfully pleasant. The brown of the rug company pillows speaks to the umber and grounds the grey midcentury sofa. The cream in the pillows advance the depth of the sofa for light contrast. The ikat also loosens up the composition bringing in a bohemian element.

Sofa Crate & Barrel | Pillows The Rug Company | Local Artist Darryl Blaine Erdmann 15th Street Gallery

Cover Girl

Loved seeing my work on the cover of the current issue of Utah Style and Design!USDjan15

3 Resolutions for Your Home in 2015

It’s new year and great things are happening all around us. There has been a deluge of work and an abundance of inspiration. A resulting consequence of good fortune is that the late nights working, holiday parties and travel had left me in a state of survival maintenance at home. For some taking down holiday décor leaves them a bit sad with empty homes. But I relish and delight in how clean and open my rooms become.

After whipping my house back into order I feel particularly committed to the following resolutions. Wonder what resolutions you might be inspired to make this year?

Resolution 1: Edit Often
As time goes on we accumulate and placement becomes askew. And with time and exposure our perspectives and tastes shift. Moving accessories, storing, and/or donating enlivens a space. This also allows us to see our belongings in a new light. We crave novelty so this resolution is akin to the latest fad diet and makes your home feel like it lost 10 pounds.

Via Arte

Resolution 2: Frequent Updates
Fresh flowers, new pillows or a vibrant new plant makes our interiors fresh. It’s surprising how a few tweaks energize a room. It’s like a good workout for your home.

Via K. Rocke Design, Photo Jerry Rabinowitz

Resolution 3: Make Bed Daily
For many of us this is a habit worth maintaining as outer order produces inner calm. According to Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project making your bed boosts happiness. This easy task appeals to our desire to be better or generally do better.

Via Tamizo Architects Mateusz Stolarski

Entries , Foyers, Hallways and Stairs Oh My

What to do with entries, foyers, hallways and stairways? And what do they all have in common?

These areas are transitional spaces and lend incredible opportunities. For foyers and stairs I like to go for big impact with a statement light fixture, bold gesture rug, or compelling art piece. Make these areas dynamic and compelling. For hallways I like to create rhythm with art installations that run the length of the hall and expand the space. Photo galleries and salon style hangings are perfect and create a lot of energy and interest. Above all favoring a clean aesthetic and I pick of colors and subjects from the destination rooms and follow that thread throughout these transition areas. The designs below by K. Rocke Design.

Statement Custom Furniture with Rhythmic Fixtures

Statement Custom Furniture and Mirror

Photo 40 foot high custom light fixture in Park City home

Foyer to this space, Graphic, Simple but Impactful

Foyer with Statement Art Piece with Tom Dixon Chairs and Madeline Weinrib Fabric

Gallery Clothes-line Hanging Paintings

Antique Chandelier

Statement Rug and Photo Walls in Repeating Blue Lacquer Frames

Photography from William Waldron (1), Jerry Rabinowitz (1,5), Scot Zimmerman (2), Phillip Erikson (3,4), ), Jerry Rabinowitz (5), Scot Zimmerman (6), William Waldron (7,8)

Kristin Rocke established K. Rocke Design in 2004. Working coast to coast and internationally, K. Rocke Design is widely respected for residential and hospitality work.  Kristin has been named as New Trad top ten and has had projects featured in Utah Style and Design, Florida Design, Traditional Home,  Conde Nast, Editor-at-Large, Williams Sonoma blog, Tastemaker on OKL and airs a monthly interior design segment on KUTV Fresh Living.  Kristin received her B.A. degrees from the University of Utah and is National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certified.

Seated In Satisfaction

Sometimes we need touchstones to remind ourselves that there is room in the world for every creative voice. Us “creatives” need the work and the world needs to experience what we have to give it. That’s why designing and seeing this chair realized provides such smoldering satisfaction. My intention for this chair is placing them on the front deck of the soon to be completed surf shack and restaurant on a secluded beach in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua.  A resort project I am continuing to work on.

My inspiration was one of my favorite clients and dear friends. A disarmingly laid back, cool couple who know how to find delight in their own pleasure of life. A skill perhaps only the most actualized develop.

The rocking chair captures the tranquility, fantasy and the adventure of its place of origin. The chair is executed with exorbitant attention to detail and was informed by its makers. It encapsulates the grace and vision of the resort’s founders when they rode in for miles on horseback and decided to chance on the beauty. The chair is my offering and I am bringing them into the US.

Here’s to inspiration and knowing there’s room for everyone to be seated at the creative table.

Featured in Utah Style and Design

USD FA14 Cover 4x300 RGB



Wicked Cool Wallpaper, The Dark Side of The Wall

It’s the season of longer evenings and deep, saturated color. Wallpaper with dark fields or subjects add depth and contrast to a space. It also gives muscle to subjects that might be considered overly feminine.

Recently in a Holladay home I selected an over scale floral wallpaper that initially reads like photography and on closer inspection reads like a painting. It’s painterly brushstrokes has visitors scratching their heads. This fantastic illusion is unexpected and impactful.

This wallpaper was for a client who had an edgier aesthetic. It is black on white but could have just as easily been realized in reverse. The flowers are made up of pixelated black widows. They say their guests delight in discovering the spiders.

Here are a few other wallpapers from the dark side of the wall.

Pechanga Moths from Ecuador via

Wild Wall Via Domestic’s

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