Wicked Cool Wallpaper, The Dark Side of The Wall

It’s the season of longer evenings and deep, saturated color. Wallpaper with dark fields or subjects add depth and contrast to a space. It also gives muscle to subjects that might be considered overly feminine.

Recently in a Holladay home I selected an over scale floral wallpaper that initially reads like photography and on closer inspection reads like a painting. It’s painterly brushstrokes has visitors scratching their heads. This fantastic illusion is unexpected and impactful.

This wallpaper was for a client who had an edgier aesthetic. It is black on white but could have just as easily been realized in reverse. The flowers are made up of pixelated black widows. They say their guests delight in discovering the spiders.

Here are a few other wallpapers from the dark side of the wall.

Pechanga Moths from Ecuador via art.com

Wild Wall Via Domestic’s